PumpPinup IPA: India Pale Ale – 12×330 ml Box


India Pale Ale style beer with an amber yellow color, full-bodied, bitter taste and low effervescence.

Price per bottle, sold in cases of 12 pieces.

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Our IPA has an amber yellow color and a medium persistent compact foam. The taste is characterized by good body, bitter and with reduced effervescence. Notes of cocoa and a herbaceous aroma emerge. Balanced and pungent. The characteristics of IPA beer derive from a historical need of the British, who in the period of colonialism, transported the beer to India. After the first unsuccessful moves, because the beer perished due to the long voyage, the saltiness and the high temperatures in the holds of the ships, the master brewers decided to increase the stability and the conservative capacity with additions of hops for its natural conservative characteristics.

Origin: Italy
Style: India Pale Ale Craft Beer
Fermentation: High
Color: Amber
Appearance: Slightly cloudy
Alcohol Content: 5.9% Vol
Plato degree: 14 °
IBU: 45


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