Call us freight dawgs, we are cargo dogs! We bring you the refuel craft beer!
We are aviators, travellers, ambassadors of ancient traditions, we are a crew exploring new routes. The sky is our world, passion is our fuel. We are brewers.
Love for beer led us to study it, understand it but mostly to drink a lot of it and we had a revelation that we want to share with you.
We like good beer, healthy beer, unique and imperfect beer. We like refuel craft beer!
Our motto is wanna fly? Refuel!
We want to exceed the concept of exceeding after the long trip you must do what makes you feel good leave the world of thirst enter the world of refuel and refill!

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REFUEL BREWING COMPANY... The passion for flying takes shape in three craft beer styles designed specifically by pilots for pilots.
OSCAR, passionate about the homebrewing art for years now, had the idea of creating a well-assembled crew for taking off, not as he does every day in command of the Queen of the Skies but in a more playful and relaxing way, an afterlanding to be shared with all fans.
This is how friends and colleagues join the REFUEL project, the commanders and instructors MATTEO and GINO, the future commander STEFANO,the VDS Pilot and flight attendant LELE, the designer FEDO, the logistics manager LUCA and from Japan MASATO.
Each one has a specific role following the lines of a good CRM. ( Crew resource management. )
Oscar creates the recipes on his test bench and the crew try them until they find the perfect beer, the beer that not only pilots like so much. The perfect balance between barley, hops and yeasts with the addition of a lot of passion.
The recipes are then produced in a microbrewery under the supervision of LELIO, expert brewmaster.
The labels that leave us open-mouthed in the style of Japanese manga are unique creations and to be collected.